Pet Portrait Commisson Details & Pricing

I work with quality digital photos and rely on clear visible detail to capture your fur kid's likeness. That being said, I require a selection of your very best images. We will work together to finalize the picture and style.

My preference is to leave ample negative space around the portrait (I focus mainly on the face & shoulders) as it allows better framing options.

Layout & Composition

This part is very important. I will require a selection of great high resolution photos. Please do not rush by taking photos on the spot. Your precious pet’s expressions usually end up looking a bit “off”.  I encourage you to find digital photos that best represents your fur kid. 

Photo Requirements 

Please bare with me. I have been asked to "piece together" details from a various of photos, unfortunately,  I just don't work this way. I prefer to capture your pet's true likeness through your photo rather than making it up. Pro Tip from a friend who owns a dog walking company — treats works wonders.

no flash • in focus • eyes open • up close • natural lighting minimal shadows • no added filters unedited • not cropped 

Other Details

I prefer to work in pencil but I also work with watercolour and ink - depending on the image.

Depending on the type of paper used, I try and finish with a matte fixative to prevent smudges, however synthetic papers like Dura Lar and Yupo will not benefit from this final step. 

All art is unframed. I am happy to offer my personal opinion on how big the window opening of the frame should be. I do recommend framing portraits with a mat as it helps to keep the original work away from the glass — preventing damage.


I am happy to mail your portrait.  This will be an additional cost.  Over the past year I have figured out a pretty solid process. 

wrapped in tracing paper • sealed in airtight clear plastic sleeve reinforced with cardboard •  placed in a protective bubbled envelope

While I take great care in shipping your portrait, I do not take responsibility for how it arrives.  If, something happens to during transit, please send me photos and we can go from there. 

For Longevity Purposes

Store portrait in clear sleeve until it’s time to frame • Keep all finished work dry • Place out of direct natural light • Do not directly touch the portrait (handle carefully only on the sides)

6”x9"” shown | Minimalist Ink Portrait

6”x9"” shown | Minimalist Ink Portrait

Minimalist Ink Portrait

This style is a bit more graphic yet minimal in nature.  Lots of fun detail but at the same time ample of negative space around the animal. 

9” x1 2”   $225

8” x 10” $175

5” x 7”   $125

  • Single Pet Portrait

  • Ink

  • On Mixed Media Paper

NEW: Canvas option *See Ink + Canvas Collection* — additional sizes and costs apply

5”x7” | Scribble Ink Custom Card

5”x7” | Scribble Ink Custom Card

Scribble Ink Custom Card

This card idea came about from one of my clients that owns a dog walking company. I created customer portrait greet cards for each of her clients. What a gift!  This scribble card focuses on the face. It feels fluid and has lots of movement.   

5" x 7"  only   $75

  • Single Pet Portrait

  • Ink

  • Scribble Technique Only 

  • Framable 

  • On Mixed Media Paper


Pet Portait

I specialize in pencil, but depending on the photo can also work in ink or watercolour.  These portraits focus mainly on the animals face and shoulders

9” x 12"   $300 

8” x 10”   $250

5” x 7”   $175

  • Single Pet Portrait 

  • On Dura Lar Film or Mixed Media Paper

Double Portrait Option: An additional cost. This part is tricky. The issue with sketching two fur kids— I rely on great images & preferably together in one photo. Lighting, clarity, in-focus, shadows, proportion & composition are all important details to consider.

If I need to work with separate images of your pets, the level of detail and the direction of light need to be the same